The Romans 10:17 Collective
About The Romans 10:17 Collective

About The Romans 10:17 Collective


The name of our group is THE ROMANS 10:17 COLLECTIVE. We are a group of Christian members from a variety of Christian denominations. We are pastors, ministers, priests, teachers, church leaders and church lay people representing a broad cross-section of denominations. We write material to be communicated via audiobook format to convey the message of God’s enduring love, mercy, grace and strength to a world that is in the throes of pain, suffering, confusion, despair, emptiness, grief and rage.

Our names individually are unimportant. We are not motivated by acclamation or recognition. We do not maintain a corporate office or location. Aside from this simple website, we do not maintain a public email address. There is no contact telephone number. We do not solicit funds for support or for charity. We feel that as questions arise in the individual listener to this material, rather than seek answers from us, we encourage each listener to speak with local Christian church leaders, Christian friends or family members, but more importantly speak directly with God in the form of prayer. This is supported in scripture – “If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all generously and without reproach, and it will be given to him.”(James 1:5 NASB)



To share the message as directed by Christ with the world, to all those who have ears to hear, let them hear. Throughout the gospels of Mathew, Mark and Luke, this is not just some generic statement for ‘hey everybody listen up’, Christ is calling for people to take careful heed of the message being given. Our prayer, hope, goal and desire is to be able to simply, effectively and accurately share the message that Jesus conveys and do it in such a way that for anyone who hears will be inspired, motivated and led to take the first step of faith and begin a close, prayerful relationship with the God of all creation.


Collectively, we attempt to write and develop material to simply communicate the love, mercy and clarity that a personal and intimate relationship with God that only He can provide. We hope to convey the reasonableness of the Christian faith, the clarity to life’s purpose and how that faith can be experienced in a practical application and on a daily basis. The journey to that loving relationship with God that begins with the simple first step of prayer.

The messages we try to convey are scriptural in basis, told in short-story form, supported with short and simple prayer. Some have said that Jesus was the greatest-story teller in how he used ‘parable’ to demonstrate His message. As Jesus taught His disciples by both example and by story (‘parable’), we hope to convey His message of hope in short-story form to make it easier to learn and understand how life in this existence on earth gains greater meaning once we have developed a consciousness in Christ that is guided and strengthened with the filling of The Holy Spirit.

This wonderful opportunity to gain peace, comfort, understanding and solace in the sometimes dark and trying times of this life we live on earth, begins simply with your first heart-felt and humble prayer to God.


Our mission is simply to help the individual come to the realization that this life without the presence of God will always be painful, tragic, disappointing, confusing, hurtful, full of grief and injustice. Just joining with God in a personal and intimate relationship will not eliminate trials and tribulations of life. What the benefit of your relationship with Holy God will be to you is a greater understanding, appreciation, and strength to deal with the challenges this mortal existence will throw at you, but to also allow you to know the joy that this relationship with God and His many blessings mean for you in the life that will come when we leave this world and pass through the veil into eternity with God The Father, Christ, His Son and our brother, and our loved ones and those closest to us who have passed before us.


We believe that God is the Creator of ALL LIFE and His Spirit is on every living thing. God’s creation of man is not restricted. Whether Jew, Christian, or Muslim. Whether Buddhist, Hindu, Taoist or Pantheist. Be you Atheist or Agnostic (closet or confirmed), The Spirit of God has been ON you and each of us as we were formed in our mother’s womb.

The only thing that is separating ourselves from God, is ourselves. God WANTS you to be with HIM. No matter your past, your sins, your transgressions, your failings, your past actions, your weaknesses or crimes. For those, God promises to not only forgive you of all your sins, but more importantly, He promises to make you NEW. Who you were and who you are right now is not important to God. God is asking you to love and trust Him and let Him show you what you can BE from today and through out eternity.

Simply, just like God, we do not care who you are or what you believe. We only want to share the message of hope, life abundance, peace, comfort, clarity and strength that we as a people surely do not deserve, but are freely given by God almighty by way of His mercy and grace and the love He has for each and everyone of us.

Yes, we are Christian and we use Christian Scripture and example to convey the Christian message of faith, salvation and the love of Christ The Son and God The Father. God does not care who you ARE or where you are from, and like God, we do not care either. Our intent is not to discriminate in the delivery of the message.

Regardless of your faith, belief systems or spiritual practices, we ALL share one thing in common – we are ALL human beings, and we are ALL GOD’S CREATION. It is in this that we hope you will be inspired to begin your walk with the God who created you and to experience the blessings He has planned for your life with overflowing abundance, love, peace, comfort and joy that can only be known and given through Him. The first step in this wonderful journey and eternal experience begins with one simple step, a simple prayer to God. You take the first step, then leave everything else up to Him.


By use of scriptural-based short-stories (‘parables’), delivered in an audiobook format, convey the Christian message of faith, hope, love, forgiveness, salvation and life-meaning and purpose to every ear that listens. It is our most sincere hope and prayer that from what seed we plant in this effort, the individual will begin their own personal journey beginning with the simple act of prayer and develop a personal and meaningful relationship with The God of All. We wholeheartedly believe that once simple step is taken, you will gain your place in the eternal life that our existence in the mortal life prepares us for.


We will not profess any doctrine of any specific denomination of the Christian Faith, Protestant, Catholic or Orthodox over the other. We will remain ecumenical (all inclusive of the faith) in the purpose of our work. For questions relating to specific doctrine or theological interest, we encourage the listener to seek out answers on their own from church leaders, mentors, teachers or family members who are faithful in the teachings of the Christian Holy Bible.

We will not engage in presentation or argument from the perspective of Christian Apologetic or Systematic Theology. Individual listeners are always welcome to conduct a course of study on their own and we recommend beginning with C. S. Lewis’s ‘Mere Christianity’ or ‘“What Christians Believe” by D.L. Moody Publishers – both available at online book retailers everywhere. Textbook’.

We will not solicit funds or donations for any specific entity. For those inspired to donate, we encourage you to identify your local church and/or church supported missions, agencies and organizations to which charitable contributions are always welcome

We maintain a simple website for informational purposes only, but do not maintain an office or location of business, a public email address or any presence on social media platforms. Our sole purpose is to simply convey a message we believe is Christ-focused and to pray and hope that each listener will be encouraged to begin a personal relationship with God The Father.

For existing Christians to help strengthen their current relationship with God and further grow their faith, and for non-Christian brothers and sisters, to come to a realization that God truly does have a plan for your life, that He has been with since your conception and He longs for you to come to Him in prayer and show you the life He has planned for you going forward if you will only give yourself over to His tender mercies and care.